Glen Williams interviews Olga during his It's All Bout Art program on BNN

"Stand close to her paintings and you'll see how she paints, with rough unmeasured strokes, leaving behind hairs from her fine brushes and marks that look almost impatient or angry. Step away from the painting and suddenly the image appears completely different. There you'll find the painting's heart, what Gernovski refers to as its soul, its purpose, its reason for being.

Gernovski likes her paintings to show feelings and emotions, the difference between light and dark; she doesn't care as much about perfectly capturing a moment in time. Instead, she lets the paints tell her what it is they want to become. In this way, she's allowed herself to break away from her strict Russian art education and venture into unknown and uncharted art territories.

She calls what she does color dance because it appears, at least to her, that the color is, in fact, dancing. She hopes art lovers feel the same, that they're willing to share a waltz or a tango with her art...."
Freedom of expression 
By William Henderson/ Correspondent. 
Marblehead Reporter, February 17, 2005


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